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Nice Genes is a streetwear brand that connects science with youth culture to inspire future generations of science advocates. Our goal is to support the nationwide community that fosters the importance of science and provides for the unmet medical needs of rare disease patients. The more people who are behind science, the better we are at facing and overcoming challenges in our health, environment, and future.


Nice Genes is dedicated to making a positive impact for all by donating all of our profits to nonprofit organizations in need. All merchandise and apparel are made through a print-on-demand service which saves your donations from financial risk. Customers have the option of choosing any nonprofit organization to donate to. If section is not filled, donations will be made to National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)InvisiYouth, Rare Beacon, The Ehlers-Danlos Society, and Cure SMA. We're able to donate 100% of profits because we don't require inventory or warehousing. Overhead cost only includes maintaining the website (Wix Premium $30/mo). $1,872 was donated as of February 2023. For transparency, see complete list of my donation receipts and sales overview.

future goals

We eventually want to use the profits for:

  • Research Grants

  • Scholarships

rare disease facts

  • US defines a rare disease as any disease that affects less than 200,000 Americans.

  • All together, they affect around 30M Americans and about 400M people worldwide.

  • There are more than 7,000 rare diseases. 5% have treatments - even fewer have a cure.

  • Most rare diseases are chronic and life-threatening - 30% of patients will not live past 5 years old.

support rare disease organizations

about me 

My name is Jason Hong and I'm currently a pharmacy student in California. I started Nice Genes in December 2020 with the idea of selling t-shirts/merchandise as a small business to raise money for rare disease research. After completing pharmacy school in May 2022, I'll be starting my postdoctoral fellowship at Genentech as a clinical scientist to develop clinical trials for new treatments. I hope to create an impact for diseases with unmet needs through my professional career and Nice Genes. Connect with me on LinkedIn!

Hi everyone! My name is Gladys Chiang. I am passionate and dedicated to advancing healthcare equity through innovation. I want to channel my personal drive into strategic planning to bring hope and empathy to healthcare and unite people through our designs. When you proudly wear our designs, you become living symbols of unity, reducing the isolation of those with rare diseases. My commitment is to bridge unmet needs and create a meaningful impact in healthcare through consistent action and purposeful initiatives!

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